Mid-Summer WIP Forecast

One of the things I love most about hanging around a yarn shop is seeing all the different projects people are working on – it’s great inspiration, and insight into someone’s personality! Here’s a glimpse into each of the shop knitters’ current works-in-progress (WIPs) ~



I have started to jokingly refer to Kelly’s current taste in projects as “garter stitch eyelets”. Between Antarktis (in some Penguin Soup Emperor (merino/nylon blend in colour ‘Sibyl’)), Extra (in Sandnesgarn Tweed), Soir d’Ete (in Noro Taiyo Sock) and Dangling Conversation (in Montoya Beach) it seems like any yarn-over triangle shawl on ravelry immediately piques her interest!

To break up the eyelet deluge, Kelly whipped up the 8-bit Fair Isle Hat last week, and has been working in the background on her own Late August shawl in Zealana Rimu.



Although usually sock-focused, Leslie has been taking a break and working on a pair of Mitt Envy out of olive-green Alegria – each mitt has only taken 7g which is ridiculous. Next up, she’s thinking a Quietude Cowl out of the newly arrived Union – maybe the center-left rainbow colour?




Ever since we got the DROPS Brushed Alpaca Silk last winter Elaine has been  working up garter stitch cowls in it (not unlike this pattern), experimenting with holding together multiple strands of the same colour or different colours with amazing results. It’s like an impossibly light, warm cloud – cast on, knit, and three-needle bind-off to join. By Christmas I am pretty sure she will have tried every colour.



I think my penchant for fingering weight yarn can officially be marked as stupidly inconvenient. The whole time I have been working on the fingering-weight wrap version of the Wheaten shawl all I can think is that I could’ve done it in DK, or even the worsted version, and complete the beast so much faster! Agh! Don’t even ask me what I chose to knit Jessie’s Girl, another WIP out of – you guessed it – it calls for a sport weight, but no, I had to substitute in some Mandarin Petit. A pox upon the whole yarn classification!

Have you found yourself lost in a specific knitting mood lately? Perhaps a pattern genre like Kelly, a specific yarn & project combo like Elaine, or a weight weakness like myself?  Feel free to drop by to proselytize or complain with the rest of us 😉



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