Free Chunky/Bulky Ribbed Hat Pattern!

Knitting is a patient craft, it’s true. If we valued speed over craft we wouldn’t be hand-crafters. With that being said, In the narrative of the craft year, there will always come a time when you’d like something that works up a bit faster. This might mean you’re under a time crunch for a gift, or your fall yarn purchases included an irresistible bit of bulky wool that by it’s very nature is small on yardage but big on everything else. For you, I wrote up a ribbed hat pattern with instructions for both ‘chunky’ and bulkier yarns. Plain ribbing means this toque can be whipped up in transit, on lunch breaks, or in a waiting room. Awesome! You can download a PDF copy here, or carry on reading.


For my test I used one ball of Estelle Union – a wonderful merino/acrylic blend whose label describes a gauge of 11 stitches to 4″ on a 10mm needle. With 100m/110yds per 100g ball, I was able to get two hats – one knit on a 10mm and one on a 9mm, plus a pom-pom with the leftovers! You can see the slight difference in size you get from using different needles in the photo above.

On Yarn Weight, Needle Size, & Gauge

If you are using a lighter, “chunky” weight yarn, whose label recommends gauging on a 6mm or 6.5mm (such as Cascade Pacific Chunky/Cherub Chunky, Sandnesgarn Soft Alpakka, Borgo de’ Pazzi Royal, Estelle Alcazar, Diamond Baby Alpaca Sport, King Cole Chunky Tweed, Stylecraft’s Alpaca Chunky or Alpaca Tweed Chunky) I recommend a 5.5mm/9US needle for a ‘tighter’ beanie fit or a 6.5mm/10.5US needle for a ‘looser’ toque fit.

If you are using a heaver, “bulky” weight yarn, whose label recommends gauging on a 9mm or 10mm needle (such as Estelle Union, King Cole Big Value Super Chunky Tints, Katia Ushuaia, Hayfield Super Chunky with Wool) I recommend an 8 or 9mm/11 or 13US needle for a ‘tighter’ beanie fit, or a 10mm/15US for a ‘looser’ toque fit.

If you are not sure what weight or needle size to use, I would cast on with a needle size you have, work a couple rows, and try it on to see how it fits. Because it works up so fast, you’ll quickly get a sense of if you like the fabric you’re getting or not.


Cast on 56 for Chunky or 40 stitches for Bulky, join in the round being careful not to twist. If you want to modify the pattern to make it bigger/smaller, just make sure your cast on number is a multiple of 8 and you’ll be fine.

Place beginning of round marker.

Work in P1, K1 ribbing until 7.5” for Chunky or 6.5β€œ for Bulky (or your preferred length, adding extra if you want it to be slouchy or have a fold-up brim).

Crown Decreases

Row 1: *P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, K2tog* repeat between * and * to end of round

Row 2: *P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K2* repeat between * and * to end of round

Row 3: *P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K2tog* repeat between * and * to end of round

Row 4: *P1, K1* repeat between * and * to end of round

Row 5: *P1, K1, P1, K1, K2tog* repeat between * and * to end of round

Row 6: *P1, K1, P1, K2* repeat between * and * to end of round

Row 7: *P1, K1, P1, K2tog* repeat between * and * to end of round

Row 8: *P1, K1* repeat between * and * to end of round

Row 9: *P1, K1, K2tog* repeat between * and * to end of round

Row 10: *P1, K2* repeat between * and * to end of round

Row 11: *P1, K2tog* repeat between * and * to end of round

Row 12: K2tog around

Break yarn, leaving a 6 inch tail, thread through the remaining stitches and draw tight to close.

Weave in ends and wear proudly!

Pre-Fall Yarn Top Up

A glimpse of our latest acquisitions;


Four new colours in Chunky Tweed


The new Arne & Carlos Design Line from Regia, in 6 colours

Two balls each in the twelve Regia Metropole colours


King Cole’s new Big Value Super Chunky TINTS


Rowan’s Pure Wool Superwash in eight tonal colours & three neutrals


Schachenmayr’s Bravo Worsted, in grandiose 200g/446yd balls, 16 colours!


Some new books including a new King Cole baby book!


Some of the shop’s favourite Illimani Cadena colours back in stock!


+ to herald in the fall season, several of our yarns have been marked down, including…

Noro’s Silk Garden Solo + Silk Garden Sock Solo

Sirdar’s Supersoft Aran, Estelle Murrina,

Rimu DK, Cascade Jewel, Diamond Alpaca Blush

Katia’s Mohair Silk, Illimani’s Royal 1, and Chroma!

That’s it for now, yarnies!


Fall Yarn Social Schedule

As many of you may know, we are happy to host our True North Yarn Social on Thursdays – it’s a free drop-in, perfect for advice or just hanging out with fellow yarn lovers while you work on your projects! This fall, the time of the social alternates every other week so that there are opportunities both during the day and in the evening, to suit your schedule.

Thursdays 1 – 3PM

September 10th & 24th

October 8th & 22nd

November 12th & 26th

December 3rd, 10th & 17th

Thursdays 6 – 8PM

September 17th

October 1st & 15th

November 5th & 19th

December 17th

The last week before Christmas we have a yarn social at both 1pm and 6pm on the Thursday (the 17th), as well as an Emergency Yarn Social on Saturday December 19th from 1 – 3PM – plenty of time all week for anyone seeking last minute support, or even if youΒ  just need a space to finish off top secret projects away from the prying eyes of your friends/family! All socials this week will feature both a knitter and crocheter on hand for project help.

Here is a PDF copy of the Yarn Social schedule, if you would like a copy to stick on your fridge or print off for a friend!

And speaking of PDF copies of schedules, here is a PDF of the entire Fall Class Calendar – it is two pages, and includes all of the knit and crochet classes + yarn social dates.

And now for this week’s yarn news…

DSCF0347A new chunky yarn from Stylecraft – Alpaca Chunky! 20% Alpaca, 80% Acrylic with 147yds to every 100g, this is sure to be a new favourite for anyone looking for a soft, quick project as the weather gets chillier.

DSCF0342A new line from Malabrigo – Mechita! The baby brother of Malabrigo’s chunky Mecha, Mechita is 100g/420yds of 100% Merino Superwash in a ridiculously soft single ply, which we have in six dreamy colours!

DSCF0343Four colours of Illimani’s Eco Llama back in stock – most of these guys disappeared within a couple days last time they were at the shop, we’ll see how long they want to stick around!

DSCF0341Four new colours in Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal – a fingering weight merino with 5% cashmere – I can not overstate my love for this tweed, and now that they have that lovely grey I might not be able to resist my autumn tweed scarf dreams!


With summer fast disappearing, Sandnesgarn Duo & Mini Duett have been added to our sale section – a blend of merino and cotton, they’re going to disappear quick!

Ciao crafters~