Summer Knitting Horoscopes

I find that as the weather turns nicer, my ravelry browsing makes an about-face. Gone are the sweaters, heavy scarves, and mittens, replaced by breezy tag-along projects perfect to wear (and knit!) in the heat.

thedeadliestcrabamberallisonand don’t forget adorable seaside companions
such as The Deadliest Crab by Amber Allison!

This got me thinking – unlike the relatively ubiquitous fall/winter rush, the summer knitting scene can vary A LOT from knitter to knitter. Spending a lot of my time around knitters means I have seen a lot of different reactions to summer! I’ll share with you five archetypal summer knitters, that are emerging (evolving?) around this time, with a Hot Right Now project on ravelry that matches their interests. Which one(s) are you?


If you’re gazing into a long project such as Thea Colman’s Dubonnet, Jenny Faifel’s Breezy Skies, or Melissa Schaschwary’s Portage, you might be…

1. The Hibernator

As a Hibernator, you actually knit far more during the summer than any other time of year – maybe due to vacation time, or just the longer daylight and fun atmosphere that comes with the season, June thru August is your time to shine. You might knit anything – maybe even projects that, like you, have hibernated all winter –  you’re just happy to get the chance to sit back and relax with your needles!

Hibernator Yarnscope: SandnesGarn Smart or Duo – DK weights perfect for cardigans you can wear year-round!


Of course Seaboard or Helios caught your eye, you’re…

2. The Tropical Fish

Much like the Hibernator, the Tropical Fish loves summer knitting! Unlike the Hibernator, you knit year-round, and find that summer has you injecting a lot of fun and colour into your knitting projects. You’re drawn to a palette that you couldn’t even imagine the rest of the year, in terms of colour and method. It’s all about integrating the bright and cheerful atmosphere – and the rest of us love to see it!

Tropical Fish Yarnscope: Noro Taiyo, Kauni Effektgarn, Handmaiden Silk Lace- it’s all about the show-stoppers!

    bug warmertheoversizebandanacowl

If you catch yourself eyeing Taiga Hilliard’s Bug Warmer or Amy LaRoux’s The Oversize Bandanna Cowl, you might be…

3. The Prepper

As a Prepper, you do know that it is indeed summer, but ALSO know that that means it is time to get serious about your holiday project list, or get ahead on the baby shower project list, or birthday project list… so many projects! Preppers like yourself are the knitters who are still working with worsted/chunky/bulky weight projects on the dock and the rest of us salute you for your bravery! Don’t forget to knit yourself something nice while you’re at it~

Prepper Yarnscope: I see some SadnesGarn Tweed or Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk in your future – all of the speed, with breathtaking lightness and softness that will be a relief from your other heavy projects.


If you’ve been eyeing Cookie A’s Jellyfish or Romi Hill’s Artesian, you are probably…

4. The Traveller

If you are a Traveller, you find yourself defining your summer knitting by just how well it carries – is it light enough that it won’t be a hot and heavy burden both in your bag and on your lap? Sometimes this means physically small projects like socks or amigurumi, or physically large projects worked in light, summery yarns (like silk lace or fingering weight cottons). Whatever it is it has to be portable, because this time of year you are a crafter on the go and won’t have a bulky wool sweater holding you back!

Traveller Yarnscope: Manos del Uruguay Alegria for the on-flight sock project, and Borgo de Pazzi e-co (a fingering weight recycled cotton!) for your summer shawl or tank top.


Classic summery favourites like Purl Soho’s Cap Sleeve Lattice Top and Hannah Fettig’s Featherweight Cardigan are drawing you in because you are the…

5. The Seasonal Mission

This category may be hard to pin down, but trust me – you will know it if you are it! For these knitters summer will always bring about a very singular, seasonal focus – maybe it is tank tops, or lace shawls, or some inexplicable need to knit every single marine-themed stuffed animal pattern you can find. I have met summer Sock knitters, summer Lace knitters – as a Seasonal Mission knitter you find that every June you are struck by the irresistable desire to return to the classics – perhaps the Color Affection or the Lakeshore Shawl – as you are every year. It doesn’t matter how big or daunting the pattern is, you’re on a mission!

Mission Yarnscope: Bah, you don’t fool me – you know what you want and what you need to make it!

If you didn’t see your Knitter-scope, maybe you’re a blend of two or three – I know that I am somewhere between the Traveller and the Seasonal Mission right now. The Traveller’s Mission?


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That’s it for now, folks~!