Early Fall Sweater Ideas

With Labour Day right around the corner, I seem to have sweaters on the brain! Everywhere I look, every yarn I see – sweater ideas, sweater ideas~

I thought I had stalled the sweater madness by allowing myself to cast on Isabell Kraemer’s Ingrid Pullover using Debbie Bliss Donegal Fine. Soak in that tweedy goodness! The neck shaping and colourwork yoke are a very satisfying start to what is otherwise a lot of plain knitting. Plain knitting means more time to think about the next sweater…
This time of year is all about the lighter, layer-able sweater built to resist fall winds as a jacket or wear all-day once winter comes. For that reason, in the store we have another of Isabell Kraemer’s sweaters, the free pattern Caramel worked up in the new Andean DK Heathers. Meant to be worn open, Caramel is a drapey “blanket-style” cardigan that could spruce up a t-shirt and jeans or warm DSCF0786up your office blouse. The Andean DK is a perfect soft and squishy yet economical ($12.95 for 380 yards?!) wool for fall, and with the arrival this morning of eight undyed shades, we now have EIGHTEEN different colours to choose from.

18! I can’t help but pace around the store thinking of all the different combinations. All the possibilities!

A classic stranded yoke like Kate Gagnon Osborn’s Meltwater Pullover (above left), or maybe a more modern shape like Amy Miller’s Sperry (above right). Sperry in particular is a great sweater project for the knitter who wants to play with colour but isn’t feeling like plunging into fair isle colourwork. I’ve had Tori Gurbisz’s Thyone Cardigan (lower left) queued for probably 3 years now… can you imagine it with a natural main colour and light grey shoulders/sleeves?

Is knitting in a light yarn not your scene? For the crocheter in all of us there’s the Anzen Cardigan by Simone Francis (upper right), sure to work up quick and layer like a dream. There’s also an endless supply of fantastic sweater patterns for worsted weight yarns, such as Cascade 220 or the Deluxe Worsted Tweed that just arrived yesterday! Anora by Elizabeth Smith (lower left) is all about playing with gradients, whether they’re natural shades or you’re tempted to play with something brighter. Gulfoss by Cap Sease (lower right) adds its own twists to the traditional pullover/cardigan colourwork. Because the purple and dark grey alternate colours are left to stand out by themselves on that main colour (as opposed to being layered completely against each other) you really have the room to pick contrasting colours that pop against the background neutral! Both Anora and Gulfoss are worsted weight, so they’ll work up faster and be extra valuable once the harsh snow hits us in January…

Sweater madness – it’s contagious! Fair warning 😉



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