True North Olympics 2016


Every couple years we are graced with one of the best tv marathons to knit/crochet to – the Olympic games! For two weeks, we all cheer on Canada (and other individual allegiances) as the world celebrates good-natured competition, and us yarn lovers get some serious TV knitting in.

10 years ago the fabulous Canadian Yarn Harlot began her rendition of a knitting olympics. Any of you who are familiar with may have already experienced their Ravellenic Games, a Ravelry event that encourages knitters/crocheters to take part in actual crafting events while they watch the Olympics. We thought that this year True


North Yarn should get in on the action and create our own version for EVERYONE, including those crafters who might not be Ravelry-fluent.

You can sign up to join our Olympic Team by selecting an event from the list below and submitting it with your name to our Facebook page (as a comment or a message), email address (, at the shop in-person or by phone. Sign ups are open NOW.

Select from the events below  (the same selection as the Ravellenic Games 2016)- you can knit or crochet.

Afghan Marathon  – This covers blankets of all shapes and sizes.

Bag Backstroke – Totes, shoulder bags, itty ditty bags, anything like that.


Image from Shaun The Sheep Championsheeps

Cowl Jump – Self-explanatory.

Hat Dash – Any hats and/or headgear.

Household Heptathalon – Home and Décor projects. Things like pillows, wash/dishcloths, cozies, baskets. Holiday items, like stockings, and ornaments can also go here.

Mitten Medley – Any items for your hands: a pair of mittens or gloves, with and without fingers, will go here. A full pair!

Scarf Hockey Anything you’d define as a scarf or stole can go here. In general, if it is long, rectangular and is worn around the neck with unjoined ends.

Shawl Sailing – Any items considered a shawl or wrap.ShotPutt_2290388i

Sock-Put – Any pairs of socks, stockings, tights, knee-highs, legwarmers, slippers, etc

Sweater Triathalon – Any sweaters, any shape or size, vests, tops, cardigans, shrugs, boleros, etc.

Synchronized Spinning – Any fiber, of any preparation (roving, batt, top, raw fleece), that has been spun into yarn of any kind (singles, any number of plies, art yarn)

Toy Toss – Amigurumi, teddy bears, stuffies, monsters, etc.

WIPs Wrestling  – Any project that was started before the Games that is finished during these Games qualifies.

Cast on during the Opening Ceremonies, or as soon after the Opening Ceremonies as your schedule allows.

You have until the end of the Closing Ceremonies to finish your project/event. Once you’re finished, you can submit proof (namely, a pic of your finished piece) to our Facebook page. If you don’t have Facebook, we’ll accept submissions to our e-mail ( or in-person at the shop.

The Olympics are all about cheering each other on, so I encourage you to share your work on our Facebook page and be cheered on by your fellow Olympians.


Photo Credit: Lorna & Jill Watt

If you have joined our team, we will have added you to our Team List. Once you have successfully finished your event, your name will be checked off on our list. After the closing ceremonies, all successful Olympians will then be entered into a draw for Medals.

  • Gold: $30 True North Yarn Co. Gift Certificate
  • Silver: $20 Gift Certificate
  • Bronze: $10 Gift Certificate

We will announce the winners (First name, last initial) on Facebook and here on our blog. Finished pieces are not judged for medals, everyone who finishes on time is entered into the same draw, whether you’re a beginner or advanced yarn lover. If you are already part of a team on Ravelry, you can feel free to submit the same project to our contest, and submit the project page as your proof.

I am so INCREDIBLY excited about seeing what all of our yarn lovers come up with!


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