Craftentine’s Yarn Deliveries

As the spring yarn drops continue, let’s look at all the new stuff you could be casting on with this Valentine’s Day/Family Day long weekend~

On the left, a new yarn – Diamond Luxury Tradition,
a worsted weight of a similar blend to the Berroco Vintage.
On the right, more colours in Sandnesgarn Smart!
A popular superwash DK, we’re hoping to be getting even more colours
in the near future~

An exciting spring addition – Baby Crofter in a 4ply! They’ve picked the most popular colours of the Baby Crofter DK. Of course someone has already used my favourite of the colours to cast on for the free ravelry pattern Baby Vertebrae!
If the colours are a tad pastel for your taste, you’ll be happy to know that
the three on the right are sophisticated new colours in Crofter DK~

For the lace & summer minded we have brought in the Pima Lino Colori line, perfect for knitting up the free Regina Marie pattern off of Ravelry.

If you’re thinking about projects in the chunkier range, or if you’re one of our yarn lovers who has been waiting for for another fun-fur type line, you’re in luck! Sirdar has released the poly blend Touch, a super-soft chunky that comes with a free one-ball cowl pattern on the ball band!

Sirdar Snuggly has released a new textured yarn named Jolly, filling the void left by the discontinued (and currently marked down in our clearance section!)  Tiny Tots. Jolly works up in bright variegated colours and is incredibly child friendly~

Last but definitely not least, we’ve brought in Zealana Rimu’s latest fall colours for those who can’t get enough of the uniquely New Zealand brushtail possum/merino blend. It’s always been popular for the Forever Ribbed scarf pattern by Julie Hoover.

That’s all for now my crafty valentines!


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