Five Projects for Your Fall Spirit

One of my favourite things about being a hand-crafter is creating very festive projects – it captures your seasonal spirit, and seems to infect everyone who sees it with said spirit!

DSCF0446Literally no one has been able to resist these since they appeared last week!

Therefore, if you’re feeling particularly Halloween-y lately, and not sure what you can make in the short time we have left, I thought I’d share some of my favourite ideas~!


  1. Pumpkins

Stuffed pumpkins can be made in all shapes and sizes, and there’s nothing to throw away at the end of the season! I like the idea of decorating with felt faces, or maybe using surface crochet to add a message! I used both Knit Pumpkins by Katrina McNerney and Tosca Pumpkin by Tina Laiho. For crochet there is also Spice & Clove by Hannah Maier or Pumpkin by June Gilbank which look great!


2. Monsters

Just look at those beady little eyes! I’ve been positively haunted by Megan Schmidt’s stuffed monsters such as the Frankenstein & Bride above, as well as her Wicked Witch & Dracula, since I laid eyes on them earlier this month. There’s also a Halloween Mini Spook eBook full of adorable crocheted monsters. Ghosts, Spiders, Zombies – all would make fantastic companions while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters!

Now, how about those of you who are thinking a little less October and a little more Autumn?

mapleleafAhhhh! So small and cute!

3. Leaves

I enjoyed working up Pin Oak by Linda Dawkins, and am finding it hard to resist Maple Leaf by HappyBerry – I mean, she has a video tutorial? What excuse can I use to not make something so wee! There’s also Autumn Leaves by Elizabath Murphy and Crocheted Fall Leaves by Deborah Schliegel. While most of the other projects on this list need specific colours, leaves you could work up in any odd left overs and they’d still look lovely! Many project notes seem to mention they make useful coasters – but I’m thinking you could add a pin and wear it as a festive brooch.


4. Apples/Food in general

This may be the first but it will absolutely not be the last time my fascination with knitted/crocheted food comes up. There’s something about decorative food that I suppose appeals to my inner craft glutton? There are apples, like the one above by Linda Dawkins or a crochet version. But why not PIE! WHO DOESN’T LOVE PIE? As the weather gets colder, I can’t think of a more fun table center-piece. There’s candy corn, or potatoes, or fortune cookies… whatever might spark any of your memories, or favourite family jokes, you can work up and keep around to amuse any visitors. It also, of course, makes great children’s toys, but more importantly adults seem to find them endlessly charming. And, I’m about to blow your mind, Ravelry has an entire section of their search dedicated to food.


5. Let’s Get Useful

If you’ve gotten this far without casting something on, I’m going to guess you fall under the Useful species of knitter/crocheter. One of our shop instructors, Effie, is like that. “Chloe,” she’ll say as she sees me knitting replica garlic, “what is that FOR?” Fortunately for you, you can get festive with potholders that happen to look like pie or pumpkins; dishcloths such as these Apple Tawashis by Salihan Laugesen or the Pumpking by Teresa Gregorio; even coasters such as Apples by Annemarie, Candy Corn by Brittany Coughlin, Ghosts, or Peppermint! Particularly useful and adorable, at the same time!

What’s great about all of these festive treats is that they allow you to use up leftovers, don’t require swatching, and make fantastic housewarming/host gifts!

And, I mean, there just can’t be anything wrong with knitting pie~



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