A Very Canadian Thanksgiving

Just in time for Thanksgiving,

we had some highly anticipated BUSHELS of yarn arrive at the shop…



These bushels came courtesy of a Canadian company called Briggs & Little. Located in New Brunswick, they’ve been operating since 1857, and under their current name since 1916. There’s something special about knitting with a Canadian yarn that has so much history!

We are currently carrying three Briggs & Little lines;

1-ply Sport, which offers a fantastic 393m/430yds per 113g skein,

Heritage, a 2-ply worsted/aran weight with 196m/215yds per 113g skein,

and Country Roving, a 5-strang bulky yarn offered in 141m/155yd 227g/8oz pucks!



all of the Briggs & Little products are a lovely sheepy pure wool – Perfect for the warmest, winteriest, Canadian-est projects!

Also in this week…

DSCF0433Arahapo, a wool/acrylic super bulky, and with it some very intense, long bamboo straight knitting needles

DSCF0434Nevado, a llama/wool/nylon blend chunky yarn where the soft animal fiber is “blown” through a nylon tube



Facile Easy, an acrylic super-bulky that comes in both solids & multis


& finally, Kid Color, a laceweight mohair/nylon blend that stripes!

Now the absolute best part of Thanksgiving – food, yes, family, mostly – but you get that extra long weekend day to sit back and catch up on your knitting as your family does the dishes We will be closed for Thanksgiving Monday, but look forward to seeing the results of your weekend knitting when we re-open on Tuesday~


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